Move In

October 20, 2012 —
October 27, 2012

Opening Reception
October 20, 2012
3:00 — 7:00 PM



Honor Fraser Gallery is pleased to present Move In, a weeklong series of performance and dance residencies by some of Los Angeles' most provocative artists. Move In references the notion of artists taking up fleeting residencies, essentially moving into the gallery for a short time and ultimately performing. Move In also highlights the literal action of movement, as many of the works come to life at the intersection of dance and performance. This program is an integral part of the gallery's ongoing commitment to the vitality of this influential community.

Saturday, October 20, 3 to 7pm
Human Resources presents Good and Bad Intentions including performances by Paul Waddell, Paul Pescador, Stephen van Dyk, and Julie Tolentino.

Tuesday, October 23, 7 to 8pm
Dorothy Hoover's a Still-Volcano-Life is a reverie on the mystery of one's power over another. Three men perform the same script three times in a loop, moving from the present into memory and back again. The set installation will be on view prior to the 7pm performance which features Murphy Martin, Frank Ruducz Jr. and Joseph Thomas.

Wednesday, October 24, 7 to 8pm
ONE Archives Gallery & Museum presents a screening of videos by contemporary queer artists including works by Van Barnes, Zackary Drucker, Mariah Garnett and A.L. Steiner, Zach Blas, Deanna Erdmann, Aimee Goguen, Lindsay Laven and Chris Vargas.

Thursday, October 25, 7 to 10pm
Matt Siegle's Circle of Friends is a re-performance of Hillary Clinton's December 2011 address to the UN, in which she argued that queer rights are in fact universal human rights. For the duration of the evening, Siegle will deliver this speech backwards. He has created a hyperbolic consumer-domestic setting, open for improvised vignettes and the wandering viewer.

Pieter, a Lincoln Heights based studio and performance laboratory for wild and rigorous experimentation in dance, will present two works, My Garden is so Special choreographed by Jmy James Kidd for seven women and a new operatic dance work, tentatively titled Tender Heart, by NICK+JAMES (Nick Duran and Kidd). Both works will be presented in collaboration with polymath Tara Jane O'Neil.

Friday, October 26, 10pm to 1am

Saturday, October 27, 3 to 7pm
Brian Getnick presents One Good Spell. Two magicians encounter each other in an arena in which explicit and hidden magic collide. Featuring magicians Marty Gorman and Bryatt Bryant; dancers Anna B. Scott, Gabriela London, and Andrew Lush; music by Oh, fix Lemons. Public rehearsals from 3 to 5pm. Magicians begin spells promptly at 5pm.