Sarah Cain

Frieze Los Angeles: Lights, Camera, Art!
The New York Times
By Jori Finkel
February 13, 2019

Sarah Cain

The ones to watch at the first ever Frieze Los Angeles
By Luciana Bellini
February 12, 2019

Sarah Cain

The Artist Creating a 150-Foot-Long Glass Rainbow
The New York Times Style Magazine
By Alice Newell-Hanson
February 7, 2019

Sarah Cain

Gratitude Journal: Frieze Projects Artist Sarah Cain Opens Her Diary for Galerie
Galerie Magazine
By Sarah Cain
February 4, 2019

Sarah Cain

Review: Sarah Cain's 1,000-square-foot painting is just the start
Los Angeles Times
By David Pagel
January 22, 2019

Sarah Cain

Frieze L.A. Artist Sarah Cain Talks Art World's "Small Bubble" and Her Chocolate Habit
The Hollywood Reporter
By Laura van Straaten
November 28, 2018

Sarah Cain

Frieze Los Angeles Announces Site-Specific Projects for First West Coast Fair
By Claire Selvin
November 28, 2018

Sarah Cain

Frieze Announces Artist Projects, Paramount Studios Backlot Plan for Inaugural L.A. Art Fair
The Hollywood Reporter
By Laura van Straaten
November 28, 2018

Sarah Cain

Eleven Summer Book Covers, Reimagined by Artists
The New York Times Style Magazine
By Kate Guadagnino
June 21, 2018

Sol LeWitt and Conceptual Feedback

Sol LeWitt and 'Conceptual Feedback' at Honor Fraser Gallery
Los Angeles Times
By Christopher Knight
March 28, 2018

Sarah Cain

Artwork for Bedrooms
Exhibition: On view March 15–May 12, 2018
Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts

Sarah Cain

The Armory Show
Exhibition: On view March 8–11, 2018
Pier 94, New York, NY

Sarah Cain

Artist Talk: Sarah Cain
February 16, 2018
Aspen Art Museum

Sarah Cain

Now I'm going to tell you everything
Exhibition: On view September 9, 2017–March 11, 2018
Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles

Sarah Cain

Mountain Song
Exhibition: On view November 24, 2017–September 30, 2018
Aspen Art Museum at the Elk Camp on Snowmass Mountain


ICA LA (Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles) Sarah Cain: Now I'm going to tell you everything
By Megan Abrahams
October 18, 2017

Sarah Cain

Los Angeles Times
Former Santa Monica Museum of Art–now the ICA
LA–will open in September with show by Martin Ramirez
By Carolina A. Miranda
March 2, 2017

Sarah Cain

Time Out
Everything you need to know about the opening
of L.A.'s newest free museum, ICA LA
By Rozette Rago
August 11, 2017

Sarah Cain

"She Comes in Colors": A Portrait of Painter Sarah Cain
By Andrew Berardini
May 10, 2017

Sarah Cain

Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles
The Female Cool School
By Catherine Wagley
November 16, 2016

Sarah Cain, Meleko Mokgosi

Vitamin P3: New Perspectives in Painting
Phaidon Editors

Sarah Cain

Why I Paint
By Sarah Cain
October 2016

Sarah Cain, KAWS, Kenny Scharf, Alexis Smith

Holdings: Selections from MCASD's Collection
Exhibition: June 4 - September 4, 2016
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, La Jolla

Sarah Cain

Art This Week: At the San Antonio Museum of Art
Art History 201: Sarah Cain & Anna Stothart In Conversation

Sarah Cain

Artnet News
See the Top Booths at Dallas Art Fair 2016
By Eileen Kinsella
April 15, 2016

Sarah Cain

The Conversation: an Artist Podcast
Episode #131: LA-based artist Sarah Cain
March 18, 2016

Sarah Cain

The Skowhegan Interview Project
#04 Sarah Cain
March 15, 2016

Sarah Cain

art ltd.
Sarah Cain
By Megan Abrahams
January 2016

Sarah Cain

Wall to Wall: Sarah Cain at CAM Raleigh
By Kellie Bornhoft
January 13, 2016

Sarah Cain

Art News
Sarah Cain: The Imaginary Architecture of Love at CAM Raleigh
October 9, 2015

Sarah Cain

W Magazine
A Week At the Museum
By Fan Zhong

Sarah Cain

Condé Nast Traveler
The Monumental Painting That's Breaking Boundaries in Raleigh
By Molly Elizalde
October 3, 2015

Sarah Cain

Sarah Cain: The Imaginary Architecture of Love
Exhibition: October 2, 2015-January 3, 2016
CAM Raleigh

Sarah Cain

Condé Nast Traveler
The 12 Best Events Worth Traveling for in October
By Molly Elizalde
October 1, 2015

Sarah Cain

Off the Wall
By Janelle Zara
Fall 2015

Sarah Cain

Sarah Cain
By Andrew Beradini
September 2015

Sarah Cain

Sarah Cain
As told to Paige K. Bradley
June 2015

Sarah Cain

Los Angeles Times
Grand Flourishes of Paint
Sarah Cain at Honor Fraser
By Christopher Knight
June 20, 2015

Sarah Cain

SARAH CAIN blue in your body, red when it hits the air
Exhibition: May 9-July 19, 2015
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego La Jolla

Sarah Cain

Sarah Cain
Interview By Ann Friedman
May 2015

Sarah Cain

Join LAND for the opening reception of
Sarah Cain's "hey babe take a walk on the wild side"
Music and visual presentation curated by the artist
Saturday, December 13, 2014
LAND Headquarters

Sarah Cain in art magazine

Sarah Cain is featured in Art Magazine's "Starter," a new series on young artists.

Sarah Cain in Outside the Lines at Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

Playing with the structural and historical perceptions of what painting is, the artists in Outside the Lines—Travis Boyer, Sarah Cain, Leidy Churchman, Katy Heinlein, Fabienne Lasserre, Siobhan Liddell, Benny Merris, Dona Nelson, and Susie Rosmarin—propel their medium toward new and inspiring frontiers.

Sarah Cain on MOCAtv

When this tender, behind-the-scenes look at Sarah Cain's highland park home and studio, begins, she's taking down her 15-foot mural, "Runaway," installed in the DTLA's Farmers and Merchants Bank for Painting in Place. The grace of Cain's goodbye fits perfectly with the painter's commitment to experimentation and nonattachment in her work and in life.

Benefit & Launch Party for The Mistake Room

Works by Brenna Youngblood, Meleko Mokgosi, Glenn Kaino and Sarah Cain will be included in The Mistake Room's benefit auction and launch party, Friday, October 13th.

Sarah Cain in LA Times

Review: 'Painting in Place' flings open conceptual abstraction doors
By Christopher Knight
June 13, 2013

Cain splashed and sprayed multiple colors across the pristine but cracked white surface in an exuberant, worldly display of abstract graffiti. The mural's swoops, squiggles, checkerboards and dribbles merge bits of Kandinsky, Klee and Pollock with vivid street tagging and the worn cast-offs employed by artist Jessica Stockholder. Two double-X lengths of string, one hot pink and the other lemon yellow, add dimension, landing somewhere between conventional signs for kisses and delicate cancellation marks.

Ephemeral, since the mural won't outlast the exhibition, "Runaway" zigs and zags between being fugitive and being out of control. By itself the painting is enough reason to see the show.

Sarah Cain at Los Angeles Nomadic Division

Painting in Place will present a wide array of work from contemporary artists that tackle painting from various perspectives, using both traditional and unconventional techniques and media in their approach to the discipline. Exploring various ways that the definition of painting is continuously evolving, the project seeks to expand the traditional parameters of painting, sculpture, and installation: blurred, deconstructed, and refigured.

May 22 - July 31, 2013
Farmers & Merchants Bank
401 South Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013


PAINT THINGS is off the wall
by Cate McQuaid

There's a natural progression from Stockholder to younger artists such as Sarah Cain, whose terrific "killing me softly" installation careens over walls, around a corner, and onto the floor, swallowing canvases whole with razzle-dazzle wall paintings, looping chains, and neon string.

February 07, 2013

Sarah Cain in Artforum

Sarah Cain: Honor Fraser
By Suzanne Hudson
January 2013

The main event of "Freedom is a Prime Number," Sarah Cain's first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, was a room-scale installation titled so there, it's air (all works 2012). While the piece involved an enveloping spread of paint and canvases (not necessarily conjoined) that spilled onto the floor, a twosome of dollar bills ($ thirty five and $ forty three) flanking the gallery's entryway offered viewers a key for reading what lay beyond. Cain's riotous additions of color and shimmering planes covered the cash so totally that only the minutest sections were left bare. These details matter.

January 2013

Sarah Cain at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

PAINT THINGS navigates the recent direction of contemporary artists to expand painting beyond the stretcher into sculptural forms. This group exhibition focuses on the growing spatial and material freedom in painting as it merges with installation and sculpture.

January 27 - April 21, 2013

Sarah Cain at L&M Arts, Los Angeles

For the Martian Chronicles, pays homage to the late writer Ray Bradbury (1920-2012), who in the 1940's lived in a home located on the current L&M Arts property. Here, in what was then a small white clapboard house, Bradbury wrote much of what would become his celebrated book, The Martian Chronicles. Published by Doubleday in 1950, Bradbury's epochal Red Planet colonization tale begins in the year 1999 and moves chapter-by-chapter, expedition-by-expedition, into the future. Fleeing a troubled and ultimately atomically devastated Earth, the humans arrive first in small numbers and then in droves. A dark, bloody and mystical saga of manifest destiny, The Martian Chronicles depicts the planet as a barren desert of death and glory, androids and telepathy, crystal pillars and fossil seas, where phantom spirits haunt ancient cities.

November 8, 2012 - January 5, 2012
L&M Arts, Los Angeles
660 South Venice Blvd. Venice, CA 90291

Sarah Cain in Huffington Post Top Twelve Must See Painting Shows

Twelve Must-See Painting Shows: September 2012
By Steven Zevitas
September 10, 2012

It is September and the art world has come back to life. Commercial galleries around the country are busy putting final touches on soon to open exhibitions. Not surprisingly, many are opening their seasons with shows by significant artists.

Sarah Cain in Artslant

Abandon Everything Again
By Jared Baxter
September 30, 2012

True to her Biblical namesakes, Sarah Cain arrives at painting through its betrayal, humbling the seriousness of the medium and its supports and laughing at the weight of its history, in order to imbue it with the aliveness of a language.

September 30, 2012

Sarah Cain in W Magazine

Don't Miss: Sarah Cain
By Michael Slenske
September 28, 2012

Though Cain has pushed against the boundaries of what painting can be from her days as a student at the San Francisco Art Institute and at Berkeley, she's just unveiled her most commercial show to date, freedom is a prime number, at Honor Fraser Gallery in Los Angeles. The new work is comprised of 14 large scale canvases with titles like "Mister" (a graffiti-meets-sticks-and-pink bows grid) or "Carnival Cruise," her favorite, which is focused around a $300 bead display she bought and applied intact from a local craft store—the title is a riff off a line from Robert Bolaño's The Savage Detectives and it takes her concept of "starting out with a mistake" to the extremes because, as she says, "fuck-ups are always more interesting."

September 28, 2012

Sarah Cain in Flash Art

Sarah Cain
By Patrick Steffen
September 6, 2012

Patrick Steffen: You are currently preparing an exhibition at Honor Fraser Gallery, opening on the 8th of September 2012. Let's start with the title, freedom is a prime number...

Sarah Cain: I gather the words around my work like materials, they will come to me out of daily life and then if I'm interested I'll push it further. I lifted this sentence from the novel The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano. It captures the essence of great art and also speaks to how crucial it is to stay loyal to an undividable truth or freedom, to never compromise the work.

September 6, 2012

Sarah Cain monograph release July 11

Sarah Cain, published by LAND, is the artist's first monograph, detailing her work from 2002 to the present. The book features texts by Andrew Berardini, Sarah Cain, Tara McDowell, Shamim M. Momin, and Franklin Sirmans.

Sarah Cain in Modern Painters

Coloring Outside the Lines: A Painter Goes Beyond the Canvas
By Yasmine Mohseni
June, 2012

"She approaches the architecture of a canvas in much the same manner she does an exhibition space, deconstructing and manipulating it in unexpected ways. She began pulling back pieces of canvas to find the structure within them, and they too became part of the work. It was these deconstructed canvases that launched Cain's transition from working directly on the wall to working primarily on canvas."

June, 2012

Sarah Cain in Bold Tendencies 6

Sarah Cain has been chosen to participate in Bold Tendencies 6, London, UK. Bold Tendencies is a non profit summertime sculpture project dedicated to showcasing new art by international artists. It is committed to supporting the vision of artists and actively engaging audiences.

Sarah Cain and Brenna Youngblood in Made in L.A. 2012

Sarah Cain and Brenna Youngblood have been selected to participate in Made in L.A. 2012, the first Los Angeles Biennial organized by the Hammer Museum in collaboration with LAXART. The exhibition is slated for June 3 - September 2, 2012 at the Hammer Museum, the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park, and LAXART, Los Angeles.

Sarah Cain Talks with George Herms about Two Schools of Cool at OCMA

Join Two Schools of Cool artists George Herms and Sarah Cain in the museum pavilion as they discuss their collaborative installation Korral. Sarah Cain and George Herms have assembled an installation that forms a bridge between their practices, language, and abstraction.

850 San Clemente Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660
January 14 at 2:00 PM
Free with museum admission

Sarah Cain in New American Paintings

Spotlight: Sarah Cain
By Evan J. Garza
Issue 97, 2012

For all the freedom that a blank canvas provides, for all the endless possibilities inherent to the application of paint, and the inestimable number of compositional and chromatic combinations intrinsic to the medium of painting, the stretcher—and, therefore, the painting itself—remains a kind of container. However infinite the creative potential might be, and no matter how vast the expanse of the picture plane, a painting is forever confined by the physical limitations of the surface on which it is created.

Sarah Cain at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Sarah Cain received SFMOMA's SECA award in 2006 and is now included in . The exhibition celebrates the unique and long-standing role of SFMOMA's SECA award program and brings into dialogue works by a number of past award recipients. In concert with an oral history project and a comprehensive book, the exhibition marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the museum's distinguished art interest group SECA (Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art), which honors the achievements of Bay Area artists. The exhibition offers a lens onto some of the key artistic approaches that have contributed to the vitality and breadth of contemporary art. Artists include William Allan, Hung Liu, Chris Johanson, Barry McGee, Laurie Reid, and Kota Ezawa, among many others.

Sarah Cain in the Pizzuti Collection

Sarah Cain is included in an exhibition organized to introduce the to the public. Teasers: Selected Works from the Pizzuti Collection by Women Artists is designed to give a taste of what's to come in the collection's new building and to demonstrate the breadth of the collecting vision of Ron Pizzuti. The exhibition will be on view at Two Miranova Place, Suite 150, downtown Columbus, through Summer 2012. The gallery is open Wednesdays, noon to 6 and by appointment. There will be an opening reception on Friday, October 28, 5-8 pm.

Sarah Cain in Huff Post Arts

By Steven Zevitas
As this month's Must See list demonstrates, contemporary painters continue to find extraordinary ways to move the medium forward. Once again, my survey of more than 300 commercial galleries throughout the United States confirms that painting still dominates the programming at most galleries (more than 70% of the reviewed galleries have painting shows in November). There are many noteworthy exhibitions, but for me Nathan Hylden's extraordinary meditations on the temporal experience of the artist's studio may be my top pick. Hylden is one of a group of painters, that may be said to include R.H. Quaytman and Christopher Wool, among others, who are extending the possibilities of painting by reconciling the digital age with their chosen medium's history.

Sarah Cain at Bryan Miller Gallery

Sarah Cain in The Daily Pilot

By Imran Vittachi
October 6, 2011

Exhibit at Orange County Museum of Art hosts exhibition of new experimental works created by five intergenerational pairs of artists.

Sarah Cain in Art Info

By Alanna Martinez
October 4, 2011
You might just be able to teach an old dog new tricks, as this collaborative initiative led by OCMA proves. Los Angeles artists known for their bodies of work made in the 1960s and 1970s team up with established artists of the past decade. The final exhibition will feature five installations of the work created collectively by the pairs. The "Two Schools" artist teams are John Baldessari andShana Lutker, Llyn Foulkes and Stanya Kahn, George Hermsand Sarah Cain, Allen Ruppersberg and Amanda Ross-Ho, and Robert Williams and Ed Moses.

Sarah Cain in T Magazine

By Steffie Nelson
September 26, 2011

For the L.A. artist Sarah Cain, space is more than just physical — it's also psychic and emotional. "I try to morph the three," says Cain, whose site-specific work dips into a playfully vivid palette that defies her contemplative nature.

Talks on Painting: Intervening in the Picture Plane

Mandrake Bar

In this panel discussion with Olivia Booth, Sarah Cain, Kim Fisher, and Rebecca Morris, moderator Corrina Peipon will lead a discussion on abstraction with a focus on the material and formal aspects of painting as subject matter. To varying degrees, the four painters included here make interventions into the picture plane in order to explore the tangible matter of painting, favoring physicality over illusion.

Sarah Cain In Art Info

By Charlie Schultz
May 10, 2011

Abstract art is surging in the City of Angels, although there is nothing characteristically L.A. about the works. "The city as a place doesn't influence my work much," says the Los Angeles-based painter Alex Olson. "It's influential in what it provides: space and time to work and a strong community of artists." That would include fellow Angeleno abstractionist Lisa Williamson, who has exhibited with Olson in Chicago and works in a neighboring studio, as well as Sarah Cain, Rebecca Morris, and Tomory Dodge. For painter Jon Pestoni, the city's benefit is less the artistic community than the isolation it affords. "Total immersion has been crucial to my work," he says. "I can go months without seeing anyone I know and still maintain a normal social relationship with the city." Multimedia artist Nathan Hylden shares Olson's appreciation for L.A.'s abundance of good cheap studio space and the time the southern California lifestyle allows him to spend in it.